Our Services


Third Party Plan Administration

Plan Installation:

  • Plan Design Checklist
  • Plan Trust Documents
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Beneficiary Forms

Annual Administration: PPLLC provides the services listed below, as required, on an annual basis:

  • Eligibility Review
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Safe Harbor Notices
  • QDIA notices
  • Vesting Schedule Review
  • Contribution Calculation
  • Calculation and monitoring of all applicable limitations (404, 415, 416, 402(g))
  • Forfeitures allocation Calculation
  • Top Heavy Testing
  • 5500 Tax Forms and Schedules & IRS Submission
  • Actuarial Certification
  • Preparation PBGC forms & filings
  • Required Minimum Distribution Calculations
  • Master Summary and Annual Report for Distribution to Plan Participant
  • General Compliance Review of Documents
  • General Questions as Needed
  • Reviewing terminated participant account balances for distribution in attempts to keep participant count under audit requirements


  • Preparation of withholding election
  • 402(f) Tax Notice
  • Tax reporting on 1099-R, if necessary
  • Benefit Election and Spousal Waiver Forms

Loans and Hardship Withdrawals:

  • Calculation of statutory loan assistance
  • Preparation of supporting documentation (Loan Application, Repayment Authorization, Promissory Note, Withdrawal Reporting)
  • Preparation of Loan Amortization Schedule

Ancillary Services:

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Review and Processing
  • Plan Design Review
  • General Consulting

Document Maintenance Services:

  • Document restatements required by IRS
  • Mandatory IRS Amendments
  • Trustee changes
  • Plan Design Changes

Fiduciary Oversight

Fiduciaries make decisions about managing the plan or its investments, such as selecting the investment choices for participants or hiring persons who provide services to the plan. They include anyone who makes decisions about administering the plan such as determining participant eligibility, providing benefit statements and ruling on benefits claims, or others who are paid to provide investment advice to a plan.

Our clients have access to our 3(21) investment fiduciaries. If engaged, we become a co-fiduciary with the plan sponsor’s fiduciaries. A fiduciary must adhere to the standard of putting participant interests above all others. The services include:

  • Providing customized investment policy statements
  • Compliance with section 404(c) – this includes providing 404(c) participant statements to eliminate fiduciary liability for the choices the participants or their beneficiaries make
    • Providing robust scoring system (RPAG) for scoring funds and process for fund replacement to ensure among the best performing funds are available to participants
    • Offering participant education meetings
    • Initiating and conducting periodic Investment Committee Meetings (ICM)
  • Drafting minutes of the ICM
  • Maintaining DOL standards with regards to:
    • Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA)
    • Reasonable fees for participant count and asset size
    • Providing transparency of fees
    • Reviewing proposals from other recordkeeping providers every 3-5 years
    • Providing fiduciary file in the event of DOL audit